Sunday, 5 August 2012

just finished my shower and looked at myself in the mirror. Yuk I have put on so much weight I was on the cross trainer yesterday for 90 mins and burt 1600 calaries but for what it just does not translate to weight loss. It sucks I eat well I watch my diet and I have to look after my 76 yr old father today and tonight as he had a knee replacement and he is by himself after mum died. it sucks I cant be thin. I hate my body! I hate throwing up and I hate all this shit. Its just not fair. I eat nothing wrong but still it does not come off. Its no wonder I am like I am but my body has rebelled against me from all the years of Bulimia and now my heart is week and my teeth are playing up. If you are thinking of being like me dont its sucks I tell you. 30+ years of abuse and my body has had enough. Its just not fair!

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