Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thought for today

Ok here it goes, you are who you are and your parents past will come into play as mine did. My father was brought up strict with no father of his own and his thoughts on having a fat son were guided by 1950's to 70's thinking. You have two choices, smile be quiet or rebel and stand up and be counted as a young adult. Both of these have issues, I know - I sat quiet about my size as a child and adolescent and now 30+ years on here I am still a Bulimic, I often wonder if I had told people to shut up and respect me if my life would be different. Who knows now but I do know one thing. That sad quiet and loving giving little overweight boy is still in here and he guides me along every day with my choices.

Make the right one and be true to who you want to be not who you are now.
I hope it helps.

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