Monday, 23 July 2012

Bulimic Me

I bathe my cheeks in tears of shame
As another wave of nausea overcame

I look into my soul and what do I see
A frightened boy looking back at me

Years of despair and self loathing haunt
Like the school yard bully about to taunt

My life isa fast and deadly roller coaster ride
Full of ups and downs with nowhere to hide

My body hurts from years of purging hate
I am so used to opening the welcoming gate

My body is dying, slowly beyond repair
My gums and teeth and my dark thick hair

My heart is heavy with my lying and deceit
But my eating and purging I must repeat

To hide like a child deep within one self,
Is the hardest thing to keep upon the shelf!
He stares back at me from deep within my heart
And does not allow me to make a new start

The affirmation he seeks is never spoken
And the internal fight is but a token

I have tamed the beast that lives within
But with each breath it harbours sin

The belief that one day the turmoil will stop
Before I take my last breath and down I drop

I live in hope that thru me others will see
That there are no winners when you are like me!

Copywrite Graeme Hawke 2012

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